Jade Law offers clients a diverse array of specialised legal services across individual, family, property, business and company matters. We have the expertise and drive to handle your minor and more complex legal requirements with strategies that save you stress, money and time. Ours is a small and dedicated team and we consider our clients part of our extended family. We care about what happens in your personal and business life and we are here for you when you need efficient, expert legal advice and management.

Residential Conveyancing

When buying or selling a home, a momentous transaction in anyone’s life, it’s important that you have the confidence it’ll be done with care and meticulous detail. Where we differ from most conveyancers is we have the comprehensive legal expertise to transact on your sale or purchase so that nothing is left to chance. We can assist with your Foreign Investment Review Board application, off-the-plan contract, first home owner grant application or any other residential conveyancing needs.

First time home buyers or sellers, seasoned property investors, families and friends co-purchasing a house, divorced couples settling their property assets and parents guaranteeing mortgages for their sons and daughters all turn to Jade Law. No matter how simple or complex your residential conveyancing matter may be, we have the expertise to deal with it professionally and ensure a problem-free purchase or sale for you. Our clients appreciate our fixed price residential conveyancing fees.


Retirement Leases, Sales and Purchases

The retirement home industry is complex and ever-changing, and it can be hard for consumers to find their way through the ins and outs of the system. There are often expensive hidden costs and highly complicated Acts that a regular person could never hope to understand. As a Jade Law client, you will never feel like you’re in the dark. We make it easy for our clients to navigate the terms and conditions of their lease, sale or purchase and to fully comprehend their rights and responsibilities.

When the time comes for you to downsize and move out of the family property and into a retirement home, the last thing you want is to be burdened with legal complexities. You also want to know that your estate is not corroded by outlandish fees that eat into your savings and assets. And for on-sellers, you too need to know that your transaction is in safe hands. Jade Law will thoroughly scrutinise all documentation to make sure you, our client, never find yourself in a vulnerable position.


Family Law

When it comes to family, life is not always as smooth-sailing as it ideally should be. When partners separate, children and property can become collateral damage in the fallout. Disputes can unfortunately arise between family members, domestic abuse and violence can bring dark clouds over the family landscape and elder abuse is becoming increasingly common in people’s frantic lives. We are here to help when family harmony cannot be maintained.

Jade Law’s family law experts are on hand to provide mediation services in times of conflict. We can also provide astute legal advice over the full course of a relationship, not just when it fails, but also for example if you desire a relationship agreement before moving in together. We can support you through separation and divorce and associated property and superannuation settlements and child custody arrangements.

family law

Wills, Estate Planning and Administration

Whatever the size of your bank balance or your superannuation or asset portfolio, it’s important to protect what you’ve built over your lifetime so that what you leave behind is distributed according to your wishes. Jade Law can assist with composing your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directive. We can also help with the administration of your estate, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones will be spared complicated legal matters.

We work with a trusted network of accountants and financial advisors to see to it that ownership of your assets is transferred in the most tax-effective manner possible. Both in the planning and execution stages, we aim to deal with our clients’ estates with sensitivity and efficiency, including in the event of disputes. With Jade Law in your corner for your Will, estate planning and administration, you’ll be comforted that you are adequately prepared and those you care about are well cared for.


Commercial Leases, Sales and Purchases

Our experienced team have the business savvy and legal expertise to handle your business sales, purchases and lease agreements. Speak to us about your requirements around retail tenancies, management agreements, loan arrangements, Council permits, and property development, acquisitions or disposals. Jade Law can assist you with properties from hospitality and retail premises to factories, medical centres, office buildings, workshops and more.

We can help with the nitty gritty such as storeroom, food and car parking licences through to multi-million-dollar property dealings. Our commercial conveyancing services will simplify complex transactions for you, and you can be sure that due diligence is being performed on your behalf, every step of the way. Count on Jade Law to keep your commercial property lease, sale and purchase transactions on track and to stand up for you in the event of litigious situations.


Business Sales and Purchases

Buying or selling a business can be fraught with a million different complexities, even for those with decades of experience. We aim to provide a smooth, stress-free process for you, as purchaser or vendor. The efficient, results-focused Jade Law team is at your disposal to assist with searches, transfer of employees and employment contracts, business structures, contracts, lease terms, franchising, transfers of equipment and liquor licences, and arranging and attending settlement.

Every business is different and so are your buyers or sellers; as such, the services we provide are tailored to suit your specific requirements. Even if you have successfully managed a business sale or purchase in the past, we advise against going it alone and risking the costly fallout of a deal gone wrong. Turn to Jade Law for our fastidious attention to detail and to take care of all legal aspects of your business sale or purchase.


Employment Law

A business’s people are its greatest asset but even in a perfectly harmonious working environment, challenges often arise. Workplace bullying and discrimination, employer/employee relationship breakdowns, disagreements around remuneration and changes in company structure are just a few of the threats to the precarious balance of harmony. Issues aside, every organisation should have a law firm on their side to manage the employment law side of the business.

For employees, Jade Law is here to assist when you are facing unfair or unlawful treatment or dismissal, or when the relationship has soured and you need solid backing to defend your position. We can also help with contract negotiations, mediation, parental leave entitlements, termination, unfair dismissal and other matters concerning your employment. Whichever side you’re on – employer or employee, Jade Law has the expertise and commitment you need to manage your particular situation.


Commercial Litigation

The business landscape can be extremely messy. Sometimes, you can see trouble coming but other times, flare-ups and relationship breakdowns can occur without warning. Jade Law can assist with all your commercial litigation requirements including professional negligence, mergers and acquisitions, defamatory conduct, bankruptcy, and partnership, employment, contract and property disputes. Legal action through the courts may not be required and mediation can often assist in arriving at a resolution.

Since commercial disputes frequently involve strict time constraints and deadlines, we recommend seeking legal advice sooner rather than later, in order to be adequately prepared. We can work with your accountant and other professionals to determine the best course of action and ultimately, we aim to avoid court proceedings wherever possible. If the matter does go to court, rest assured that we have the necessary expertise and determination to vehemently defend your case.


SMSF, Trust and Company Creation

When it comes to your money, there are myriad ways you can structure your personal and business finances in order to optimise returns and prevent legal complications. Jade Law can assist and advise you in all matters relating to SMSF including establishing and updating your fund, compliance, business structuring and family law. We can also assist and advise you in the creation of family trusts and establishing Company structures for your business.

The clients we serve include individuals, small to medium sized businesses, trustees of superannuation trusts, and trustee companies. We can help you determine the appropriate structure for your specific situation and manage all the documentation and due diligence around the setup and administration moving forward. Don’t risk entrusting these complex matters solely to financial advisers. You can count on our expert knowledge of the law around SMSF, Trust and Company matters.



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